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This guy is cute but he doesn't belong in your house or chimney!

racoon in chimney

Animals of all types love to take up residence in your chimney. There are many good reasons NOT to let this happen in your chimney. For the obvious, animals and their nests can block your chimney, forcing dangerous fumes into your home. Animal nesting is also a prime fuel for a chimney fire. Even if you are not using your chimney there are many good reasons to keep animals out. Animal droppings can be a serious health hazard and should not be allowed to accumulate in your chimney.

Besides birds (chimney swifts), squirrels and raccoons also love to live in chimneys and bring with them the threat of rabies. You really don't want a rabid raccoon in your chimney! And finally, some animals are protected by federal law and cannot be disturbed or removed once they set up housekeeping in your chimney. (You have to wait for them to leave on their own) The best protection against animals in your chimney is a good quality chimney cap.

You really should get one today.

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